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You Are Chosen!

Do you have mess, junk, pain and broken areas in your life where you cry out to God, " Fix Me, Change Me and make me whole Lord!" If we are Truthful, Most of us do. I have cried out in the middle of the Night, " Lord FIX ME!"

Even with your issues, you have been called and chosen to carry something important to serve the kingdom of God and to serve this planet while you are on the earth. Let your heart be healed so you can realize that God can use you too.

What are you carrying that no one else can birth? What are YOU pregnant with that only You can deliver! You have been CHOSEN for that thing, that job, that invention, that creation , that song, that part in the play, to be his wife, to be her husband! Stop being afraid! Stop feeling that you are not good enough!

I dare you to dream bigger than your current situation. Your life may be full of ups and downs , but winners never quit or give up on themselves. We can and should at times quit relationships and quit or give up some people in our lives that continually bring us mess and junk everytime we open the door of our heart or of our lives to them. Close the door to those who deny who you know you are called to be.

I am determined to stop opening my heart to people who mean me no good and who want to devalue me. I am beginning to "love me some Me" as my friend Coach Wendy Whitemore says. I love myself like never before.

You can not open your door to everyone that knocks. Satan has his assassins who would love to kill you and your dream. In fact most of the TIME, they are coming NOT just after YOU but after the DREAM you are carrying.

I challenge you to cry out LOUD, "Lord fix me from needing people more than I need you Lord." HOLLA if you hear me! Do you want to dream bigger? Ask Daddy God to reveal to you your purpose in this life. Ask The Lord to "show you the way " like the song they sing at my brother Pastor Rodney's church, it says, "Lord show me the way, I need your power, Lord show me the way."

Like Mary who was carrying Jesus and Elizabeth who was carrying John the Baptist, they both were pregnant with the next generation of men that would change the world. Mary was a young woman and Elizabeth was an older woman - yet both had been chosen.

It's doesn't matter your age is, or even how much money you have. You still can be chosen for a very important role in this world. Don't underestimate the

hand of God on your life.

Has God been speaking to you. Has he placed something on the inside of you that you must and will give birth to? Have you been chosen to give birth to your destiny and it is still laying dormant within you? Have you been having symptoms of your pregnancy, yet are in denial that you are really pregnant? It's time to declare ..." I AM Chosen." Walk in it! Breath it! Live it" and in due season, give birth to it! You have been chosen!

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