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Love in a Desert Place

We have been discussing Love for the month of February. Today I want to discuss being in a relationship. As a couple you start out madly in love, but one day you discover that you are in the relationship alone. You thought you were a couple. You still act like a couple in public. You may be married or in a exclusive relationship and you believed both of you are still feeling the same way about your relationship. But now, unexpectedly you realize that you are in a dry place. The love you once felt and held closely to your heart has somehow dried up. You my friend are in a “desert place of love.”

Have you ever been through a desert? I live in the USA, and the state I think of driving through is the state of Arizona! It's hot and dry, with very little moisture! It is so hot at times you can't wait to be cooled off with a cold glass of water with lots of ice.

Well, having the LOVE in your heart drained is like being in a desert. You so much want to feel the refreshing and pouring of love back deep inside of your heart to quench the thirsting of your soul. But you find that you are dry and your love tank is on empty. Empty is a scary place to be in the desert! The lack of love in your life can leave you feeling dry and hung over like an alcoholic that is coming off of a drinking binge!

I have been through the desert of love, that dry place. It is not fun! I have found that YOU must find another source of love supply bigger than depending on other people to supply you with this rare commodity called love.

When I depended on people to love me, or I depended on a man to love me, they would often fail. People will let you down, so you must find your Oasis within the desert. I admit that I have had my share of love hang overs. Even after being married several times, I found that one could be married to people she/he thought were the perfect fit, but awaken from a night of lovemaking only to find that it was NOT real. It was just the expression of sexual fulfillment.

For a person who believes in love and who is a pleaser, that is a tough place to be in! It is truly a desert place. Many times both men and women can find themselves walking or stumbling in a desert place of love, trying to find their way to some type of sanity. Depleted love can leave you depressed and feeling like you are going to almost lose your mind.

In a relationship desert, you may find out your husband has been having an affair, or that your spouse is not the person that they have portrayed themselves to be! You, my friend are In a LOVE DESERT!

There are also other desert places that are not related to your intimate partner. You may find yourself in a financial desert, where you spend more money out than you bring in. Now you find yourself in major debt or even on the verge of bankruptcy. This would be called a financial desert. then there is the Friendship issue. You may be in that desert place where you wonder what has happened to all of my best friends. You may feel that you really need them, but they are nowhere to be found. Maybe too, they are in a desert place.

The friendship desert is when nobody is returning your calls like they use to, none of your best girl friends are comforting you. And for the guys, maybe none of the boys want to go out to eat, or nobody has time to talk about your dreams. You are in a friendship desert.

Then maybe you have experienced a desert place on your job and in your career, or a desert place in your health. Now, what about that desert place with your children? Nothing can teach you how to pray like the concerns for your children!

In your desert place of LOVE, you may even be wondering is this satan coming against you and your relationship or is this God leading you to get out of it. But sister/brother, it really doesn't matter which way it is because God says, for the believer. All things work together and keeps on working together for the good to them that Love the Lord! So whether you believe it's the devil or its God; it's going to work out in your favor when you trust in God as your source!

I want to let you know that everybody needs Love! But you don't have to go seeking and searching for it in ALL the Wrong places! All you have to do is Ask GOD for love and it shall be given, seek the ways of love and you will find the truth about what defines real love. Knock on the door of love and the real love will answer. Hate cannot answer LOVE'S DOOR! False love will be exposed!

Everything you need to experience Love, is within your own heart. Love is within you, but you must rest, meditate and pray to find the gift of LOVE that God has just for you. If you will take the time to allow God or Spirit to heal you, you will feel brand new.

God is love, and as you open yourself up to the God that wants to live inside your heart, you will experience a love like never before. You don't have to go outside of yourself to find love. True love is meant to be shared and expanded between people. Again, God is love, God is good. So Love is good and feels good. Love treats you good, love will bless you and not curse you or destroy you. Love does NOT ABUSE YOU, but protects you.

In that desert place; where you are NOT feeling love, seek to rest and pray. Seek to forgive and believe that love will be felt again in your heart.

You don't have to go into depression! You don't have to commit suicide! You don't have to go see an astrologer, you don't have to go have your palms read. But, you must encourage yourself in the Lord! I think of things like this and say things like this when I have found myself in a desert place: "I Count it all joy! I Wait on the Lord! I AM of good cheer! I have the Peace of God so I can be still! I will Lie down in green Pastures! I trust God to work it out! I will do my part and still love! This battle is not mine, it belongs to the Lord!” You can begin saying these things and begin to think on these things too.

Go rest in a place of stillness and create a feeling of "Still waters." Then you must Trust In the Lord!

I am reminded of a story in the bible of the young boy who was with the crowd of people following Jesus. They followed Jesus into a desert place and his disciples forgot to bring food. But the little boy was the only one who had 2 fish and five loaves of bread for his own sack lunch. There were 5,000 men there in the desert plus the women and the children. There was Not enough to pass around to feed everybody. In fact his meal was really just for him. Have you ever felt like you had run out of LOVE? You have given all the grace of LOVE that you could give. You lifted up your hands to God and said, "I don't have enough love for this situation, I don't have enough forgiveness for this situation, I don't have enough patience in this situation, I don't have enough faith in this situation! Lord, I don't have enough! " Well, that little boy turned over his lunch to Jesus and Jesus lifted it up to God and prayed that it be blessed. Jesus had Faith in the Father. God began to MULTIPLY THE BLESSING RIGHT THEN AND THERE as the 12 disciples passed it out. I am here to tell you that God wants to come to the DRY PLACES in your love life; your financial issues, your health issues, and your children and family issues. God wants to bring an OASIS right there in the middle of the desert. He loves you that much.

This is when you are ready for a miracle! This is when you let go and let God fix it! This is when you say, if God doesn't do it, it won't get done! You finally realize that it is time for you to put prayer on it! You realize it is time to ASK God for a blessing and to BELIEVE for the impossible.

When you turn it over to God, He will show you how to take NOT enough and make it into MORE than enough! He'll show you how to LOVE with a God love! He will give you a NEW Perspective! He will show you how to have a NEW attitude! He will give you new creative IDEAS!

You must began to change your thinking. I talk about "Get up in your thinking" in Chapter 2 of my new book, (5 Steps to healing your heart, you can get up again.) In the book you can turn to chapter 4, and you will learn how to "Get up in your faith." My book can be purchased on my website: or you can get it from

When I applied these principles, my life began to change! I began to change!

Many of the people in my life DID NOT change, but I changed! In fact many people in your life will STAY the same! But YOU can change!

YOU will feel better! YOU will look better! YOU will have more LOVE to give to the close people in my life, even if their love for you is on a different level.

So, come now, rest and be restored this month of February. Allow your desert place to be REFILLED. LOVE YOURSELF enough to take care of yourself. Release others to go through their desert place and also find the Oasis of love. And for now, all is well.

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