Stop Making Excuses

EVERYBODY has made THEM! Yes, those “excuses or reasons” for not walking in their dreams, for not living their dream life or for NOT being the best they could be.

But today is a NEW day and you right now can start over. I love fresh starts and NEW beginnings.

You must NOT give up on your dreams and you MUST NOT give up on YOU.

So today, right now- I am telling you, “DON’T QUIT ON YOUR DREAMS.”

Your dreams may seem impossible, but if you will decide to change your mindset- “from negative to positive,” AND believe in yourself, then your life will change. When you decide to take action by setting up steps to reach your goals, then you will begin to see PROGRESS.

What can you do RIGHT NOW, TODAY that can get you just ONE step closer to your dream?

For example if you had a dream of saving $1,000, then today you could write out how you wanted to save that money. This is called writing out a PLAN.

You would then start to work your plan one day at a time and determine daily action steps that you would take to obtain your goals. Then you would set a DATE when you want to achieve this dream.

Measure your goals often to see if you are on track.


STEP ONE-PRAY OR MEDITATE- Ask God to help you know WHAT is in your heart to accomplish. He is your SOURCE, HE IS “SOURCE,” He knows all things. So ASK HIM. Listening for the answer is part of praying as well. It is a two-way communication-(you and Spirit). It can be a still small quiet voice.

When you get still, the answer will come.

STEP TWO- Decide what you want to call your DREAM. (a house, a car, Masters degree, PHD, to have kids, to travel the world, to take a cruise, to make a million dollars, start a ministry, provide foster care.) Whatever the Dream is, you must decide what it is you want to achieve.

STEP THREE-WRITE OUT THE GOALS or steps you will need to do to reach your goals, your dreams.

STEP FOUR- Intentionally do something each day towards your dream by working on one or two of the action steps. You will be amazed at how daily small steps will start to shape into something big. As the saying goes, “how do you eat an elephant-One bite at a time!”


YOU must decide right now that you are willing to WORK, and work, and work to leave your children or family a legacy. You cannot throw in the towel, you cannot feel sorry for yourself and give up, YOU CANNOT let what other people think keep you from working on your dream. BE MOTIVATED WITHIN AND WITHOUT.

So, in conclusion, today is a new day! Yesterday is OVER, and tomorrow is not here yet! Stop worrying about what you cannot change.


You are about to STEP INTO YOUR NEW LIFE!


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