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Hung By the Tongue!

Have you ever tried to get money out of an ATM or tried to pay a bill and you came up with insufficient funds?

You CANNOT withdraw from an account where you have NOT made sufficient DEPOSITS. Many of us are trying to get withdrawals out of LIFE situations where we have made no deposits.

Money IN, Money OUT. Love IN, LOVE out! Health IN, Health OUT! FAITH in, Faith OUT! Are you HUNG by your TONGUE?

Our words have the power of life and death in them. A soft answer to a problem will help to decrease the the “Anger and Bitterness” of many situations in our lives. Have you heard people in your lifetime say things like this:

“She made me say that," or "If he would not have done that, then I would not have had to give him a piece of my mind!”

Or, you may have heard someone say something like this:

“I can’t stand her, or I’m about to lose my mind.”

Other verbal statements may be, “I’ll never get out of this, I can’t take it anymore, a day late, a dollar short, I don’t have enough money.”

Have the above situations ever happened to you?

Well, confession is good for the soul. The scriptures says: "Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable unto to you, oh Lord, my Redeemer!" The Spirit of God created us to use words to CREATE OUR WORLD as he did in the beginning. He spoke the world into existence. Remember in the bible where it says in Genesis: Let there BE….. and then it BECAME that very thing! We as human beings have that same creative power.

Words are powerful! In my book, 5 steps to healing your heart, chapter 3, it covers how words affect other people and most of all how our words affect our own destiny.

What are you saying to yourself? Do you have negative self talk going on in your head all day or most of the day?

I want to encourage you to GET OUT of negative self talk. Bishop TD Jakes said, "It's NOT what other people say that really hurts you in the long run, but it’s what YOU SAY to yourself that really counts." What do you tell YOURSELF all day long?

So let's do a little practice!

Instead of saying "I'm broke or I'm poor" say what the word of God says: “wealth and riches are in my house.” I love this phrase and I learned to say it last year... "Money comes easily and frequently into my life in all kinds of ways." I just love saying this and it feels good. It keeps my mind OPEN to all of the great opportunities out there in the world that “JUST WANT TO COME MY WAY, IF I AM OPEN TO THEM.”

Another bible teacher wrote a book called, “MONEY COMETH.” He was criticized greatly for being a man of God and teaching people about the positive expectations of money and that God wants to bless us spiritually and financially. In Fact, this is not a BLOG about MONEY, but since I brought it up, Abundance is being blessed in ALL areas of your life. Money is just one area.

Our Words can determine what we receive in our lives. We have to put pressure on our TONGUES TO SPEAK FORTH POWERFUL INTENTIONAL WORDS. Words have vibrations! Words Matter!

So, Let’s not get Hung by our Tongue. Let’s take control of our lives by watching over our words. With FAITH FILLED words, we can create a beautiful life, peaceful and full of joy. Or, with negative charged words, we can create a negative world and blame other people for the reason our lives are so bad. Don’t be hung by your tongue. Be powerful! Be intentional! Be free!

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