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Healing our Hearts from Violence

Thinking: I have been stopped 5 or 6 times with my sons in the car with me when they were preteens and teens!!! I prayed big time and handled it well: I raised them in and out of the hood as they say: I preached to them "What to DO, What to SAY, How to SAY it!"

They thought I was crazy I'm sure! I let them know: "YOU are FREE but you are Still a Black Boy and Man in this Country! " And let's just be honest: "There are certain thoughts a white man gets, a police officer gets, a white woman gets when she sees a Black Man!" Let me be honest: "There are certain thoughts I get when I see a police officer, a police car, and thoughts I get when I get pulled over" MAN, y'all- I was pulled over at 1 am in the morning after I got back on USA soil, by a white male officer so happened; I just got back to my country... After being away for the First time! My plane landed about 11 pm on USA soil! 60 miles away from Dallas Texas - DFW - I was pulled over because I Looked Suspicious! I prayed hard! LOL! I was by myself- "ME and Jesus at 1 am!" He ran his report on criminals, then he let me go! To My sons: Sidney Carter II and Sheldon Carter: Honestly, as a Black mother, I pray over the world daily, but I especially PRAY over my "Black sons-Sidney Carter II and Sheldon Carter Everyday for their SAFETY!!!!" (and all the other prayer needs too). I AM not comfortable with Sidney or Sheldon driving around at night. Now we are concerned for them if it's the broad day light even! I plead the blood of Jesus, I ask their Angels to go before them to be behind them! On the right and left side of them! I speak the word of God over MY SONS daily! Then I cast my care onto Jesus! I labor to enter into his rest about my sons! My 13 yr old niece, (Sidney and Sheldon's cousin), was just SHOT by a white man FOUR weeks ago and her best friend who is white was shot 13 times and killed during the shooting of my 13 year old niece. My niece lived thru this and is recovering! We know this situation was not racial. But killings and shootings are ALL around us! Pray for your relatives and friends! It could be YOU next time without a video of a police shooting or one of your friends! We are ALL related! What if there were NO videos, No witnesses, just the police reports on all of the the major 4 shootings or the shootings or killings that everyone is talking about in the media, Could WE believe and trust the police reports? Questions: IF all videos were shut off, Do WE as a nation feel safe and Certain that our policemen are doing an Honest and Ethical job in ALL of the shootings if there were NO cameras to reveal anything else except the police officers word? I was talking to a white mother who had not thought about my concerns for my sons: She didn't think of white kids having to face the same issues!!! It was a true concern for me as a black mother ever since they were BORN, 24 and 19 years ago I have carried this concern when there WERE NO Video Cameras! Only Jesus has been my resting place! We should be praying for the hearts of People, especially those in power and who carry guns! I know that it is a Very hard JOB to be a police officer TOO right now. Pray for them too. A fresh MOM's thought! Keep talking and searching for answers! We all need to KEEP talking and sharing! This could be YOU next time, without a Video! I'm so thankful for the wisdom of my sons, Sidney Carter II and Sheldon Carter who have been pulled over and or been in cars that were pulled over! Take the Lord Jesus with you everywhere you all go! Be wise, have faith! Speak well, stay quiet, be kind, call on Jesus and your Angels! Always, know the power is within you and Life and Death is in the POWER of your tongue! Choose Life and speak with wisdom! It will bring you before kings!

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