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Healing vs Addiction

The primary problem is NOT an addiction! The Primary problem is a question of; WHY are we in Emotional Pain? What HAPPENED to us to cause us pain? See my website for more articles on this topic:

The addiction is when we as humans try to solve the emotional pain by doing a certain thing to bring "RELIEF".

And that "Doing" ... drugs, sex, love addiction in bad relationships, creates more pain for US.

But we have to do "That Thing" anyway as our relief AID, regardless of the suffering "That Thing - drugs, sex, or love addiction creates."

To HEAL ourselves: We MUST Wake Up and become Conscious of what we are doing?

We must study ourselves and our bad habits, we must learn to say NO to what is creating pain in us!

We must create self-healing Boundaries.

We must begin to care for ourselves through healthy choices and by saying NO to things that hurt us!

Read my book - "5 Steps to healing your heart, you can get up again," by Pamela Hart,

Reading my book will help you to find more clarity and healing for your Spirit, Soul and Body.

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