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Step Out on Faith

Have you ever had to have faith for your faith? And Sometimes at a time you least expect it, trouble steps in.

I'm not really a fan of flying around in airplanes, but in our lifestyle today, its the norm. One of the worst feelings a person can have is to wonder if the plan they just got on is in top working condition.


I decided to go to Iowa to support my son Sheldon by watching him and his team play college basketball. I had to take three planes to get to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and then I would go to his University in Mt Pleasant, Iowa.

I had a problem with the last and third plane I got on yesterday!

Then, when I finally got here to Iowa, I was in a car accident; but the devil is a liar!

Thankfully none of us were hurt! Or at least we did not notice any pain at that moment - Out of nowhere, there came a deer and the impact came on my side of the front passenger's side.

We were surprised and shaken at the same time, but praising God for what just very quickly happened to us, our lives could have quickly been taken from this earth! "But GOD!"

No devil, you cannot have my life or any of my family or my friends lives!

I pled the blood of Jesus over our lives and "This means WAR devil," and a time for me to step up in my faith.

"I give you praise, Dear Lord, for Preserving my life in three airplanes on yesterday."

Nov 29, 2016 was the first time I ever took three planes in one day. I'm very glad to be here in Mt Pleasant Iowa to see my son and his team, the Tigers, play at least 2 home basketball games before I leave town.

I pray and believe for my safety each time I get aboard an aircraft and when traveling on long trips... and daily for all kinds of things, for many people around the world and for all kinds of situations and a variety of needs! Believing God takes FAITH: (the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of thing not seen.)

I went to Houston for the first time by myself and drove myself.

The GPS said 7 hours from my house on the route it gave me but it took me 9 hours to finally make it from Wichita Falls, Texas to Houston.

On my "Return" several days later, I left the area later than planned. while driving, I got caught in a traffic jam in Dallas where I finally heard that there was a fatality and "a BODY" on the highway. I prayed over the situation and for those who where involved.

I didn't reached home that night due to the traffic jam and me feeling too tired to keep driving,

It turned 11:30 pm when I realized that I couldn't go on.

I stopped and walked around in Walmart in a town called Decatur, TX and got something to snack on and contemplated if I wanted to go get a hotel.

I found where a hotel was located and when I started to

drive there, suddenly this "Feeling" overcame me to "Not to go to a hotel."

So I prayed and waited on the Lord, the spirit within me, to give me an answer.

My answer came, "Just stay in your car tonight and let that be your hotel." I had peace about it, so I obeyed.

Well, it was 1:00 am by now and 6:00 am would come real quick, at least I hoped so.

So me and The Spirit of the universe that created me and everyone and everything, slept in my car in Walmart's parking lot.

My pillow, my blanket and faith would have to be enough.

I had enough - enough gas, enough heat, enough light, enough security cameras, enough water, enough snacks, and MOST of all-Enough FAITH!

So I want to give the devil a notice! I'm in town, I'm in Iowa and I brought the Lord with me! My God is with me in the airplane, and in the car and on the seas and when I am waking and when I am sleeping!

So for you out there who are afraid to travel because you tell me,

"I never have enough Pastor Pamela, I never have enough time to take off Rev Pamela or Everything is so expensive now Coach Pamela Hart, and I would love to do the things you do but I just don't know how I could ever do them."

The Bible says we walk by faith! Not by sight! Faith is a real material we have when we believe in something. A belief is just something you keep telling yourself over and over until you believe it and you have a mindset of that belief system. You have faith that what you believe is true!

You can change your negative or fearful beliefs! Examine your beliefs to see if they are working for your benefit and bringing you into real truth.

Facts change but truth doesn't change.

The Bible says, in St John 8:32- "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you FREE."

Get faith, get Truth, and BE Set Free!

Then you can do amazing things, go amazing places, meet amazing people and live an AMAZING Life!

Love you much and may the Faith be with you.

Ask Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life and ask him to help you live a life of faith.

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Pastor Coach Pamela,

Transformational Life Coach