WILL YOU Be Barely Recognizable

I was thinking about my life 5 years ago and how I was struggling mentally and emotionally to believe in myself and to go after my dreams. Life seemed so hard and it was!

Because it was the Reality I had created!

I was in MY OWN REALITY, (that reality was one of struggle, hard to get money, hard to get all the things that My family needed).

I wanted to know why some people seemed to manifest a great life and others seemed to barely make it by each month.

I decided to change.

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Life can be what we make it. We create our lives through our thinking and through our belief system.

And then, when we really believe in something, WE WILL take action on that belief!

What are you believing in? ( Success, Health, Wealth?)... then you are a dreamer and that is a wonderful thing!

Do you have BIG DREAMS?


God is the God of impossibilities.


Here are three steps to becoming Barely Recognizable:

1. Write out your goals or visions. Be sure to make your vision plain. Being clear on what you want is the best advice anyone can give you before you start out on your journey.

2. Get a good Life Coach who can help you get there. Emotional healing is one reason many people cannot reach their goals.

They have too much unresolved baggage from their past and they need mental and emotional healing. It is hard to stay focused on your goals when you are hurting from poor self esteem or have low confidence in yourself; or abuse issues that are unresolved.

3. Get started on your own level - Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. You do not know that other lady's journey or her struggles that she had to go through to look like a beauty queen or a BOSS LADY CEO. So, no jealousy! We teach you to work your plan on your level.