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You are a World Changer- It's your Inauguration Day

Guess what?

You are a world changer and I am going to give you permission to STEP INTO YOUR INAUGURATION.

Today YOU celebrate your commencement of a New SEASON in your life.

Go ahead and make the oath to yourself ABOUT YOURSELF.

"Yes, I do solemnly give my word that I will, from this day forth, take very good care of myself"

WOW, that sounds good to me.

You have a purpose to fulfill in the earth. So what are you waiting on?

Start FEELING that you are worthy to live a good life.

Start FEELING that you are called to do something great. Yes, You can do it!

What can you do today to change the world?

1. You can smile at someone. That helps so much when the world is often mean and unfriendly.

2. You can encourage someone else. There's nothing like a good word of encouragement that can set you on your path.

Don't you feel good when someone tells you, "You are doing a great job, or hang on in there sis or bro!!!"?

3. You can start thinking powerful thoughts about yourself and send out positive vibrations and good energy into the world.

4. Use words that STIR YOUR SOUL and stir the soul of the people you meet and connect with each day.

Words can heal or hurt. Words do matter.

5. Do something WONDERFUL and NICE! Yes, go put gas in someone's car, or give a single mother some diapers or some groceries. Go read a book to a kid or go visit that NURSING HOME. Somebody will be happy and you will feel really good too.

6. You can make the OATH and TAKE the office of "Taking VERY GOOD care of yourself."

When each person makes that oath, the WORLD Will look and feel different. Yes, it will be different.

So, World Changer - what are you waiting on? The world is waiting for your thoughts, your words, your actions, love and energy.

Success and Peace to you,

Rev Coach Pamela Hart, RN

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