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Are You HAPPY or SAD?

Hello Heart Healers,

Are you happy or sad right now?

Happiness is a feeling or an experience most people I know or have met seek to have. They wish to obtain some sense of happiness in their lives.

But Happiness seems to escape so many. Why is that? Are you happy or SAD? Are you on the mountain top or in the valley?

Sadness can come from not getting what you think you deserve and feeling negative emotions from those thoughts.

Or, Sadness can come from losing something or someone you love. A broken relationship will produce in most people a period of sadness.

So how do one RECOVER from being sad?

1. Began to think about the last time you were SAD..........................

Give yourself 5 minutes for this exercise.

2. Now think about the times that you were very HAPPY........................

Which one did you ENJOY remembering better? Happiness, right?

So, how do we get to "OUR HAPPY?"



Whatever we FOCUS on ENLARGES.

Fear, Doubt, Insecurities, failures, lack of money, and EVEN OUR HEARTBREAK.

There is a period of sadness for all PAIN, SUFFERING OR heartbreak, allowing yourself to go ACTIVELY through your healing process without resistance will speed up your healing. Feeling your sadness is OK, but don't dwell there for months or years.

2. Acknowledge what happened. Admit your part of any wrong you may have done, or see what areas you can grow in. Turn the lemons into lemonade.

Nobody is perfect. We can take most experiences and find purpose, find the silver lining or just let it be the way it is without any purpose.

3. Learn to FLOW!

Stop pushing everything away. Stop pushing or RESISTING NEW LOVE, NEW HAPPINESS, NEW PEACE, AND NEW FUN..... YES YOU MUST HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!!! You must stop "trying to remain sad." LET YOURSELF ENJOY LOVE AND HAPPINESS AGAIN.

There is no need to punish yourself. Reach out to new relationships. Meet new people. Go to a new city or eat some new food.

Create New experiences that will leave you with happy MEMORIES!!!

You where born to live fully, so now is YOUR TIME TO EMBRACE "YOUR HAPPY!!!"

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I am cheering for you to come out of sadness and allow your happy to overtake you. You CAN recover from YOUR sadness.

Yes you can! Enjoy entering into your new happy!

It's going to look great on you.

Rev Coach Pamela Hart, RN

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