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Do You Want A Lover for Valentine's?

Are you in Love with the wrong person?

Do you wish the man or woman you are with would really treat you the way you want to be treated on this Valentine's Day coming up?

"He loves me, he loves me not, that is the question."

If you are in LOVE with a Narcissist, then your Valentine's Day may not be so happy.

It just depends on how much you have pleased the Narcissist. And if they are in the mood to give!

It will depend on how much Narcissist supply you have given him/her lately.

Those lovers who belong to this Anti-social personality group don't always play fair, especially when it comes to giving you the love you so desperately want and desire.

I understand!

You want to receive love, you want to feel loved, you want to be adored, you want to feel connected, you want him/her to praise you, you want to be treated nice and treated special.

Especially on Valentine's Day!

Many Narcissistic Personality disordered people along with borderline, and avoidance personality disordered people just can't get too close to you.

They have to have their space and getting too close can be frightening for them.

What often happens is after they get their needs met internally and externally by you; then they begin to feel like you are getting really close to them.

This is when they "run into hiding" to protect themselves and to prevent transparency.

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These personalities will only give you enough for you to want more, then they will withhold their love and affection.

So, I hear you asking: "What can a person do about this so it won't ruin my Valentine's Day? Protect your feelings! Protect your heart!

Don't expect too much!

Refuse to be disappointed!

Love yourself regardless if your lover shows you love.

Spend time with friends who value and appreciate you.

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Be nice to yourself and treat your own self to what you want: like that nice candle, a massage, a mani/pedi, or a facial!

Then if your Narc lover decides to be sweet, that will just be "icing on the cake."

So go ahead and bake your own cake or you may end up very disappointed, without a cake at all - metaphorically speaking.

Enjoy your day!

I say, take the entire month of February and celebrate yourself, your girlfriends, your family and your lover.

If you have decided to live with someone who is difficult to love...

Love them the best you can, then turn the rest over to God!

Only he has the Power to fix or transform another and that person has to be willing and ready to say yes.

In the meantime, have a great life Loving and giving to all those ready to receive your love.

Happy Valentines Month!

Rev. Coach Pamela Hart, RN

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