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Will You Be My Valentine?

Remember those good old days as a kid in Elementary and Jr High School when you had to bring boxes of cards that would say nice things like:

"Me mine, I'm yours, I like talking to you, I like you, and will you be my Valentine."

I can remember how I just wanted the person who I gave the card to, to accept my kindness and of course I just really wanted other kids to say those famous words to me or even to get a card saying, "will you be mine?"

This brings up a subject of acceptance in relationships: family, friends or lovers.

The question is: will you be mine? Or the saying of: "I'm yours," is one many of us want someone to answer.

So many of us have had a broken heart: from family members during our childhoods, from relationships gone bad, from broken friendships, and from our own self inflicted wounds.

We must heal our hearts on purpose, so that we can experience connection in a positive powerful way in fulfilling relationships.

Love is serious business.

We can first learn the basic acts of kindness and gentleness in our voice tone, by showing concern for your significant others day, or by showing interest in your job, career or business.

These simple acts of kindness are a sign of sensitivity to your loved ones needs.

You are kind, you are nice, "you ARE Important!!!"

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Rev. Coach Pamela Hart, RN

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