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8 Steps to: Heal the Heart of Your Money in Your Business

So you want to make more money?  I think ALL OF US DO. When someone gives you money or you get those unexpected FUNDS, it just brings a smile to your face.  At least it does to mine. 

Sometimes our heart hurts because there is not always enough money at the end of the month to take care of all our bills. That puts a frown on our faces.  I know, I've been there. 

Its not that we are in LOVE with MONEY, but Money is a tool used to buy products and services around the world. 

Well, I don't know about you, but I could use some ideas on how to increase my earning and my investment opportunities.  

Did you know that the topics of Money and Love are at the top of many search engine topics. 

Do you have any Money LEAKS?

If so, here are a few money leaks you want to stop up. 

Have you lost some MISSED OPPORTUNITIES that you could have MADE money on?

Here are a few ideas... 

Here are 8 Steps below that may help to heal the leaks and stop the MONEY heart failures in your life. 

1.) Be faithful on your Social Media involvement.

For example, some reports claim there are a billion people on Facebook. 

Get involved with Facebook for business opportunities and connections. Use Facebook Ads to advertise your events, your products and your services.  

Facebook now has a category where you can sell your physical products.  So get on and make some money.

Post interesting topics for your target market or audience.

Make your posts 80% about THEM, and 20% about YOU. Post three times per day on a variety of social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snap-chat.

2.) Do Traditional Networking

You still need to go out and meet people, network at social groups, business meetings, church groups, workshops and conferences. 

Shake people's hands, share business cards, have your "ELEVATOR SPEECH" ready at all times by practicing it daily until you get it memorized.

3.) Do a weekly video or a FACEBOOK LIVE

Make sure it's an interesting topic that peaks interest.  As people come to see your video or jump on your Facebook Live,

you will build confidence in yourself and in your brand.  People buy from people they "LIKE, KNOW AND TRUST."  So make every video count by bringing great "CONTENT".

4.) Start doing PUBLIC SPEAKING

Speaking is the quickest, and best, way to GET the attention of your ideal client.  When they hear you talk, they will be attracted to you. 

So go right NOW, TODAY, and look up 10 places or groups where you could possible speak.  Send them a letter to let them know about you and tell them you will be glad to speak for them.  

In the beginning, you may have to speak for free.

When you do your free talks, always pass out sign up sheets for a free 30 minute consultation or coaching session.  Make sure you ask for their email address to be added to your email list. 

This way you build up a potential list for your targeted clients. 

5.) Use those FREE speaking opportunities

Obtain testimonials (both written and video) of how great you were.  People love to read and listen to testimonials. Testimonials will bring you CREDIBILITY LIKE NOTHING ELSE WILL. 

6.) Encourage people to LIKE, SHARE & Comment on your Video

If you have a YouTube channel, ask people to subscribe to your channel. 

This way, they will always get an update when you make a new video and they will become RAVING FANS!!!

7.) Start a Blog

Blogging shows off your knowledge and your expertise.  You can even advertise product and services on your blog.  As your BLOG grows in subscribers, you can continue learning ways that money can be made by blogging. 

Then you will have opportunities to offer your faithful readers, products and services. 


Yes, you can now publish faster than ever before.  Self publishing is the fastest growing way to market yourself and your expertise.  Your book will show that you are an expert at whatever you are writing about, just because 

you have taken the time to do the research and you took the time to WRITE IT DOWN FOR HISTORY.  Your book royalties will last 70 years after you die, so your children and grandchildren can benefit from your writing. 

So here you go... 

My 8 steps to Healing the Heart of YOUR MONEY.

Lets go to work and heal the heart of our money, right now!!!

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