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The Midas Touch

Did you ever wonder what the Midas touch was?

Do you wish to add this knowledge to your list of observations or strategies that you could use as a man or woman seeking to have a great LOVE life?

So let's see if the person you are attracted to will pass this test.

Yes, there are a few tests that must be passed to qualify for the right man or woman to be in your life. Check this out BEFORE you make a love commitment.

Here is my summary of Robert Kiyosaki's teaching, Best Selling Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he gave a talk about the five fingers on our hand and what our five fingers represented in the :

"Midas touch"

I never knew that our fingers represented so much.

Here is a list of what the five fingers represent:

  1. The thumb- represents strength. You must stand up in your character and own it. Don't lie, don't cheat but have strong character and own your failures.


  1. The index finger- it represents focus. You must prepare for where you are going. By learning to focus, you will not get off your target no matter what! For example; even in the military as you are in battle; you may be in grave danger, but you must stay focused on the mission and be committed to completing your mission. The same is true in your goals for a relationship. If you have given your heart to someone and all things seem to be falling apart; you must remember what your focus is and readjust your thoughts and actions. Focus represents what you must do to reach your goal. In a relationship, it is where the both of you said you wanted to be, do or accomplish. Your focus is where I am going.


  1. The Middle figure- is what you absolutely stand for or what you stand UP for. Do you stand up for peace, for healed hearts, or for developing wealth? Do you stand up for developing great leadership, developing systems in your home or in your business? Do you stand up for financial Education? Whatever you stand for, the world needs to see this in your teachings, your Facebook live, your twitter post, your Instagram- it's your brand basically.


In your love life, you must stand for something or you will fall for anything. For example: In your home, you may teach your children how to manage their money, or in your coaching business or ministry, you would be to teaching people how to heal their hearts. So what is it that you stand up for in LOVE in your love relationship? What is it that you cannot and will not tolerate? Is it meanness, disrespect, physical abuse, mental and emotional Abuse? You must decide what you won't stand for as well as what you must stand for.


  1. The ring finger- is for Relationships, if a couple is struggling financially it is because they have a bad relationship. You can't make a good deal with a bad partner. You can sit down and make decisions with someone who will not listen and has poor communication skills in the marriage or business relationship. Your financial problems will show up as a bad relationship with your company, employees, church relationships, or marital relationships. Good relationships create good finances.


  1. The little Finger- you must have some little thing that you do well. McDonald's had a system of getting their burgers out, Fed-Ex had overnight delivery, every company or brand or relationship must do something that nobody else does! Walmart's system is designed to give you the lowest price possible. Domino's pizza was pizza in 30 minutes. Their entire campaign is 30 min pizza. So in your relationship with your lover, you can NOT go around and tell them, "I treat you like everybody else" that will not work in a marriage or love relationship. Even friends like to know that they are special and you have to do something little, but special, with that best friend of yours.

So do you have the Midas Touch in your love life? If not- why not? Which finger do you need to pay attention to?

What finger do you rarely use in your relationships.

Have you ever used all five fingers with your lover? If you do, and they don't respond, then maybe it is time to move on.

Rev Coach Pamela Hart

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