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Are You Ready for the Economic Collapse of 2017?

As talk of the coming 2017 Economic Crisis in the USA and the World occurs... collapse of the dollar and more... "They Say"...

Know that Our God still supplies ALL our needs.

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The Earth Belongs to God, NOT to the 189 families they speak of who are called "Elites" who... "they say"... want to Control the World.

They are said to:

"Want to unite for One World Currency, One World Power and One World Taxation."

Jesus is still Lord all day and everyday.

I don't know if this will occur or not; but just in case it does, here are a FEW TIPS:

Trust in God and have Faith as you follow actions as God leads you:

1. Keep several hundreds of dollars on hand for the next weeks to 6 months where it is easily accessible. (ATM machines may not work).

They said the banks will freeze money. So have some extra cash.

2. Store water, canned meats, canned goods, peanut butter, crackers, and other non-perishable foods in your home or apartment.

3. Get some lighting: lanterns, batteries for flashlights, matches, fire logs.

4. Store toiletries: toothpaste, toilet paper. All the stuff you don't want to go without until after the crisis is over.

5. Guns and Ammo: If this Crisis Meltdown occurs; people will be looting on the streets.

6. Get all your Medicines Refilled, Get your family's Meds Refilled.

Buy over the counter meds you may need. For stomachache, headache, etc.

7. Pray for peace, pray for Our Nation. Walk in Love and trust God to lead you.

Now, pass this note along to let someone else know.

Do your OWN research on YouTube, Google, and Yahoo.

I decree and declare peace for the World and whatever happens we shall pray and STAY Ready!

Your Sister in Healing,

Rev Coach Pamela Hart, RN

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