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Springing Healed Hearts

Spring is HERE!

Another season to be born again, to start over or to be refreshed and YES, Healed!

Have you ever thought about sharing the message of allowing your inner heart to be healed?

I'm so happy that my friend in Italy, Sister Rita who is a missionary, is teaching these Ghanaian and Nigerian Women the message of "Healing the Heart."

See this beautiful photo!

Look how God is Blessing us to get this message of healing for ALL women who want total transformation in their lives.

See this beautiful photo of Sister Rita, and the women she's loving and teaching!

Sister Rita and the women, of African decent, walking through the healing process in Italy with MY book!

God is good in Italy too!!!

God is renewing the hearts and minds of the Ghanaian and Nigerian women in Italy through a woman named Rita Pasani, who is using my book - "You Can Get Up Again, 5 Steps to Healing Your Heart"

Order the book here: 5 Steps

Dear Ladies, let God Continue to heal your heart from all the pain and hurt!

The father of all creation loves you!

Please feel Welcome to JOIN our free online groups on Facebook called:

"Woman 2 Woman Get Up"

"Give Birth to your Dreams!"

Women, Fight for your heart💜❤💜❤.

If you feel led to reach out to a woman and give that woman a copy of my book, or to start a class; just start doing it!!!

There are women right now who need this message so desperately.

Weekly, I meet both young women and men who are struggling with suicide, or who have attempted it because they have broken hearts.

People want an answer for their deep heart hurts!

Join the "Hurting women matter movement" by just sharing love and concern with another woman or person.

Check out my website for more from me

You can purchase books for the "movement" to be sent to women in prison, domestic shelters, or women's classes from the website below.

Hurting Women do Matter!

Rev Coach Pamela Hart, RN

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