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We Must Wake Up to Live!

Many man-made diseases are caused by the Chemicals they put in the foods we eat, water we drink and in the air we breath and a lot of GMO'S (Genetically Modified Foods).

Which yes, even includes fruits and vegetables that have been genetically modified.

We live in a world where we eat almost all man-made foods, shelf foods, junk foods, boxed cereals, artificial drinks and lots and lots of the DRUG called WHITE CANE SUGAR.

And don't let me add on the DRUGS that many are addicted too. (Both Prescription drugs and illegal drugs).

Then there is the alcohol addiction.

So, we are getting sicker from our foods, drug side effects, and drink side effects as a nation more than ever.

But, it's not just in the USA, it's a world wide problem.

So many of us want instant gratification.

Most people want everything so quickly, regardless if that food, drug or drink causes our bodies HARM.

Yes, we are mostly asleep as a nation of people when it gets to awareness of the choices we are making on a daily basis.

It's NOT ALL our fault!!!

"They" have kept us in the dark about what's really, really good for our health.

The Bible says: "My people perish for LACK of knowledge."

We eat and drink without thinking about or asking the question: "Is this affecting and causing major health issues to my mind and body?"

Honestly, most of us just do NOT know that these artificial foods, drinks and drugs are causing many of our diseases today.

In my recent research I'm just so amazed, surprised and shocked all together.

We must wake up to ourselves.

We must Love our bodies and our minds once again!

We must Think again outside of the BOX that has been created for us!

Yes, please think, research, seek and study what is best to consume, inside and outside of our bodies.

Think about the clothes you wear, the perfume you wear, the food you eat, what you drink, the make up you put on your face, the hair products you use???!!'

Raise your Consciousness and ASK yourself, "What are these things doing to me?"

"Am I depressed because of what I am eating?"

"Does the cell phone and computer hurt my brain waves?"

"Is the microwave good for me or do they hurt my food?"

Ask..... ASK ............ AND keep Asking until you find out how to return to a healthy Body, Mind and Spirit.

You can heal, you can get up again and you can be free of worry and fear.

The most important thing to ME is being aware of what is going on concerning my body, mind and spirit.

I don't want to be tricked, deceived or taken advantage of because of monetary gain.

I believe that when we have truth about what these products and medical procedures, about drugs, and Yes, even knowing that Broccoli is a genetically modified vegetable, that it is man made; this gives me and US the power of Choice!!!!

What you don't know could be killing you.

So it is up to you now to do your own research.

Love you and Choose to live ❤💜❤💜


Pamela Hart

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