Going the Second Mile

This is the beautiful month of MAY!

So let's Celebrate Life - Yes, your life!

Now is a good time to commit to Christ! Committing to live a Godly life and maintain your spiritual maturity in Christ.

I love the Principal of the "Second Mile". It's doing above and beyond what you are called or asked to do.

You can go the Second Mile!

In your family life, in your Relationship with your lover or Spouse; these are all opportunities to go the second mile.

Go the second mile On that Job that you may NOT like.

YOU are called to go the second mile, "That Extra Mile."

Sometimes that mile will hurt you!

You will want to stop being nice, kind or considerate because your contribution to help out may not be recognized!!!

But you must "Endure hardship as a good Soldier," says the word of God.

It's a sacrifice of love, and you will be pleasing God, not ourselves or other people.

But just like ENOCH in the Bible; his testimony was that "He Pleased God!"

Become happier through giving of your time, your presence, your contribution of your gifts - such as Singing, Praying or Giving money to help someone in need.

Most of all when it's ALL said done; YOU WIN!

So go ahead It's MAY, 2017! Try on this great principal, The principal of the Second Mile, and you will be greatly blessed💜💜❤❤🙏🏾🙏🏾

Your Sister in Healing & Prosperity,

Rev Coach Pamela Hart

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