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Sex Can Wait!

SEX is important but it will not hold a relationship together.

The sex won't keep you happy if you don't have a strong friendship.

You must be friends first!


1. Does he or she have a belief system like yours?

2. Do your dreams and Goals in Life Match?

3. How do they Handle their Money?

4. Does he or she have bad credit, and if so, do they have a plan to correct this!

5. Does he or she have anger issues that can lead to verbal and emotional abuse?

6. Was he or she physically abusive in past relationships?

7. Is he or she lazy? Can they keep a job?

Can they start a business and manage money?

8. Do they respect your family? Respect others?

9. Are they nasty, negative and stuck on themselves?

10. Can you live with him or her JUST like he or she is Right now: IF They NEVER change???

11. Would you want this person to be the mother or father of your children? Would they be a great Parent?

12. Are they healthy or eat and live in a healthy Manner?

Y'all better find all of this out before having SEX.

Sex too early is technically and biblically that which takes place before marriage, but many don't wait.

Sooooooooo THEN:😌🔥🔥🔥

So, if you're NOT going to wait for sex, then at the MINIMUM....... Find out most of this stuff above BEFORE your heart gets HURT!!!❤️❤️❤️

So, Once you get the SEXUAL relationship going, your MIND and Emotions are pretty much messed up.😚😌☺️😳😳

And it will be crazy stuff going on and your mind will be stuck on the SEX which you will Think is real LOVE.❤️💕👌🏼😒😞😏

Love then becomes blind!😎😎😎

Money problems have been cited as the Number 1 cause of Divorce or Breakups.🤑🤑🤑

It will be hard for you to break it OFF, IF you get involved with SEX before you have the proper friendship intact.

Sex causes emotional attachments that create mental and heart issues.

Then if you find out they are not the ONE you want; you will suffer emotionally and Spiritually.

This creates a lot of emotional issues!

Some people become SUICIDAL! Or become Bitter and blame ALL Men or ALL Women!😪😪😡😡

Just because of so called love gone BAD;

So, check out Steps 1 - 12. 😒😒😞😚

Think With your brains!

Stay good friends first!

Build your relationships on friendship, Not SEX.

Then you will be safe to proceed to The Engagement level of a Relationship. 😍❤️😍😇😇🌺🌺🌺

Don't get emotionally involved so quickly because your decisions will NOT be made intellectually, and Spiritually because Of your Sexual desires and emotional attachments.

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Rev. Coach Pamela Hart

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