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How To: Heal the Heart of Your Money

These are Turbulent times and many people are worried about what our economic future looks like. Money is important! Currency is important! The way we will spend money in the future is very important. The heavy prediction that we are going paperless, Dollar-less... sounds scary and almost unbelievable. However this Subject is a major topic in many discussions online and gaining major public interest. The subject of "Digital money" is similar to what you are doing right now on your credit card or debit card. Except the goal is to completely do away with cash. 💰💰💰 The experts say that this "Total Digital Monetary System" will give the Powers that be total control over what one can buy or NOT buy. 🤑🤑🤑 The major concern is that people will no longer be able to purchase items privately. One of the greatest fears of being without CASH is that the government will see EVERY item you purchase and even paying for things in cash like haircuts, for your lawn being mowed, or even money for your kids allowance will be monitored.

Now many will Say OUCH on that one!

That hurts.

Who wants every penny monitored?

Well, you guessed it! The government does!

So they say!

This idea of controlling ones every penny as a lot of us upset, including me.

I have to admit; I like my privacy.

Many people are afraid and worried that our freedom, that we all cherish, will some how disappear overnight. But whatever comes, I have faith in God and in our tenacity to "Get back up again"

First, we do NEED a plan!

We must gain knowledge and not be caught off guard! There is a church song that said: "We've come this far by FAITH!"

Yes, we'll need some of that too! Many people have already lost jobs through lay offs or cutbacks. Around 2005, people lost money in the stock market, including their 401k plans and other retirement accounts. It's rumored by those high up in our government and those that work in our economy that our social security funds have already been depleted. So, citizens become stressed even when talking about the possibility of major economic downturns.

Do you have too much Month left at the end of your money?

Most Americans complain that their money doesn't go far enough.

How are you dealing with too much month left at the end of your money?

Do you get angry, feel stress or even worry that you may not have enough money in your future? To help reduce stress and worry, you need to find out what's going on in our society. You need to find out what the government is planning concerning the monetary system and if there is anything you need to be doing RIGHT NOW to protect you and your family. Doug Casey, a financial Expert over the last 30 years has given Advice to the public on how to stay strong in hard economic times. In his recent book, " Surviving FedCoin" He Researches the latest findings on what will happen to our money if the government takes complete control. The government is doing some type of planning concerning our money in this country. Let me say first that numerous experts in finance and governmental economics are saying very similar things about our future. Summary:

What are the experts saying: 1. That the age of the physical money is on its way out. 2. By doing away with physical money, the government can control your earnings, your selling and your buying. 3. The government is discussing the introduction of digital money 4. We're being told to Buy gold and Silver as an investment and as protection against the falling dollar.

Here are a few action steps: 1. Sell what you don't need and make your life simple. Pocket the cash from the sale. 2. Buy gold and silver coins. 3. Pay off as many bills as you can. 4. Always have a minimum of two weeks worth of groceries stocked up; or up to ONE months worth stocked up. 5. Stock up on medications by asking for a three month supply instead of a monthly prescription. 6. Research online all the other things you need to stay prepared for! 7. Meditation and Prayer are key to staying mindful and peaceful. This will also maintain your focus and you can ACT instead of Reacting. Your sister in healing and prosperity, Pastor Coach Pamela Hart, RN

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