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Getting Out of the Pig Pen of Abuse

There's never a time like NOW, to get UP and out of a bad situation!

But sometimes we feel Stuck or use excuses for why we can't or WON'T get out of an abusive situation.

Have you ever been around a Pigs Pen?


I had a grandmother who would take us out to SLOP her pigs! I can smell it right now; horrible smelling and rotten food that was kept for several days just for those PIGS!

I can see them now, all rushing to eat that SLOP called FOOD.

I can see those pigs all satisfied by rolling around in the MUD after they were FULL!🐷🐷

They were happy in their MESS! It was their nature.

That was who they were; PIGS! 🐷🐷

Ladies, that was a nasty and smelly sight!😖😖😡

Those Memories of getting on that old bent up truck and carrying a load of rotten horrible smelling "FOOD" will be forever carved in my mind. 🤔🤔

Sometimes, usually accidentally and unbeknownst to us, we as WOMEN can get in some pretty SLOPPY SITUATIONS! 🙄😷🤔

You don't want to get use to eating SLOP because you will believe that's the only kind of food there is to eat.

You don't want to get comfortable living in a 🐷 PEN because you may start believing that's your home; or that just where you belong!

No one can PULL you out of a pigs pen if you don't want to come out.

Sometimes that situation you may find yourself in looks bad, feels bad and you know it's bad; but coming out can be difficult if you are in bondage or afraid to come out. 😞😳😒

We can also be addicted to mess! Yes, addicted to the MESS in the 🐷 Pen.

Pigs always love to roll around in mud and they enjoy their dirty selves. Some Men or even female friends can ENJOY abusing you and they are usually very aware of what they do. But many abusive people cannot control themselves.

We must be careful to watch our RELATIONSHIPS: friend girls or male companions so that we will not GET caught or get Stuck in a pigs pen!

A 🐷 pen can be hard to get out of, but not impossible!

You can Get up and Out with God's help.

Sometimes you may find yourself in an intimate relationship with a man who really does NOT care about you.

He may tell YOU that he loves you or he may buy you nice things or even get you a car or a house; but things can't BUY Love.

Abuse is not LOVE; it's manipulation.

Any form of Abuse hurts you emotionally.

Abuse causes your spirit to dry up to the point you can't be free to LIVE your dreams or to WALK in your greatness potential!

You may find yourself with a man who abused you verbally, emotionally, mentally, sexually and even financially.

Sometimes YOU DID get out of that relationship but you are still hurting from your past PAIN and ABUSE and may have never healed.

Sister, I'm here to tell you: with spiritual help, with prayer, and getting a STRATEGIC professional Coaching or Counseling, you will be able to STEP your way out of the PIG PEN. 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾

You will be able to heal those INNER WOUNDS.

Maybe today is your day?

Yes, today could be your day to get FREE in your Mind.

Get FREE in your emotions.

Get FREE in your 💝 ❤️

YES, free in your heart.

You're coming OUT of that Pig Pen!

Your sister in Healing and Prosperity,

Pastor Coach Pamela Hart

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