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Your thoughts predict your future

You can Predict your future by the THOUGHTS and Words that Come out of YOUR Mouth!

Look at the Life you have right now!

You spoke what you wanted or didn’t think you wanted into existence.

Whatever you focus on; Grows!

Now, to each of you who want a new business for 2018 or a new life for 2018; THINK and SPEAK it forth!

What you decide to BELIEVE and What YOU ACT upon will Create “YOUR NEW Life!”

Starting focusing on the BRAND called “YOU”

For Example: You must develop products to SELL!!!

1. Those Products could be a singing career with “private videos sessions for sale” example of a product creation - Sidney Carter II with only private access and conversation by you for a download for only $7.00.

2. Create your products where they can be accessible with links and a payment source, and an account that your money can be place in:

Such as PayPal or Stripe. ATTACH those sources to your account where you want your business money to be deposited: Sheldon Carter for example loves fashion and basketball - what products could be created that are unique in those arenas??

(Make those PRODUCTS available 24 hours a day, then Market them!)

3. The KEY is Marketing: This has to be done all the time; daily with words, FB advertisement, with Video on FB lives, On other platforms, like YOU Tube! Coke products are still marketed daily! They are most likely number one and they don’t plan on losing their spot!

What can you tell people about your products in a different WAY or with a fresh approach??!!

Believe, Learn and Study Marketing, and Master your craft!

Make money while you Continue to learn about what YOU have created! Then KEEP selling, Market, Pitch, Meet people and then create MORE Exciting products to sell!

Your very OWN Products!

If you are going to DIE Anyway - LEAVE at Least ONE product you created ON THIS EARTH for your family to make a PROFIT from it’s sale.

You will fail but keep getting back up again until YOU Succeed!!!

4. It is our JOB to leave a Legacy for our Children!! What will you leave???

What Book, CD, Video or What master Class or Audio, will you leave in the earth that will keep selling when you are dead!

And your kids can reap the benefits because they will still be living! You will be a good servant of God when you master being productive in the earth!!!

Make a POWERFUL Decision, Then Go to Work Making it happen!

Rev Pamela Hart, RN

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