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Ladies Power Prayer Project

On December 17th & 18th, Thursday & Friday will be FREE for all women-So invite a girlfriend️, details for the call coming... 

Saturday, Dec 19, we're offering SPECIAL HANDS ON COACHING to those who sign up will be a part of a group coaching call for those that want to learn about digital Money, Cryptocurrency, how to get started. We will have time for walking people through setting up their wallets and opening up their accounts. THE COACHING will be on ZOOM in 2 parts. Saturday 1PM and 4PM CST. Dr. Pamela will dedicate 4 solid hours to get your accounts set up, answer questions about each account and learn how to use each account and how to invest with each account. You do not need ANY money to open up ANY OF THESE ACCOUNTS. SO LETS GET THESE NEEDED ACCOUNTS OPEN SO YOU WILL BE READY! Cost to attend Saturday's NICE Girl's Money BOOTCAMP ONLY an $18.00 investment into your knowledge. (Public 2021 Price $47) That's Less than a great STEAK MEAL! Cause Nice Girls Need to know about Money too! We Gone #BeReady

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